Sunday, 8 January 2012

Parsley for your health

Plant has a lot of benefits and gives very impressive results when used for many diseases:
- Build bones and teeth, because a large store of potassium
- Softens the uterine contractions is useful in cases of inflammation of the bladder and menstrual.
- Contains some oils and juices increases fertility if a woman eating fresh or drinking after boiling.
- Diuretic
- Generating the juices of the stomach.
- Useful in the secretion of bile from the liver.
- laxative and prevent indigestion, especially when eating after meals such as meat.
- Great local anesthetic is because it contains potassium salt juice
- Parsley juice has a magic effect in reducing pain of biliary colic, kidney , colon and stomach pain.
- Parsley compresses completely remove the pain of muscle when applied to the position of pain.
- Increases the vigor and vitality the body in general.
- To be effective in dissolving fat so it helps in weight loss
- soaked parsley gives the skin white and soft texture.
- Useful in the removal of wrinkles of the face and other.

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