Sunday, 8 January 2012

Daily skin care plan

Daily skin care need to be established and special rules you must follow to get the skin soft as silk.
In the morning
When you wake up all the pores of the skin open, and you have the opportunity to clean
your skin properly, So at this time you should not washing the face with soap or any chemicals harmful to your skin The best thing is washing the skin with rinse appropriate by concern for the good cleaning and drying of the skin well so as not to dry and peel.
In The afternoon
During this period you need to re-clean the skin because it may be again exposed to dust and dirt, so be washed by special washing  get rid of make-up, then apply small amount of your make-up powders.
 In the evening
When you return from work or university, you must first clean your skin thoroughly with water and skin cleaner and expose you skin to water vapor to open pores and then cover the skin the by your cream n and leave it as long as possible until your skin is well nourished.
Before sleep
Remove any cream or powder from the skin, for you during the period of sleep you skin breathe therefore preferred that the skin free of any make-up to breathe properly, with a note not to cover anything dry or wool or artificial, because these materials will harm your skin.

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