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Ginger herbs for your health and beauty

Ground ginger herbs relieve pain, tension and treating many diseases. Many people believe the benefits of ginger, perhaps someone were to say: Yes, it is useful, it brings the family in the cold nights, and friends gather around the fire on cold days, but what are the benefits? And how we use it? Will is only alternative to tea
Ginger Tree
Is a plant grows under the soil, the roots of nodal-like potato tubers, has yellow flowers, preferably fresh from it, because its effectiveness much lower than after storage for more than two years; it get caries because of the humidity, but increased its effectiveness when the storage is placing with black pepper.
Ginger is in fact is most useful weeds in reducing muscle pain, deal with sore joints, and it is the wonderful herb when used externally to treat the pain of the spine, the roots of ginger increase the movement of the body lazy and activate it, the warm body of a circulatory lethargic, Heal damage to the athletes during the games, and release toxins trapped in the body and releasing it outside, improve digestion, reduce heat, and nausea, they do all this without any side effects usually caused by drugs.

Diseases addressed by ginger
Research has shown the benefit of ginger in it repelling gas, and enters in the composition of drugs dilating the blood vessels, a euphemism for the heat, and is included in the increase in sexual ability, and in the treatment of menstrual pain, and migraine, anxiety and stress, and irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bronchitis and asthma, and insect stings, which is also useful for diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver, and stiffness of joints, and cold, which is useful for the treatment of many diseases, but it is more effective when mixed with food or other herbs.
In a cancer research some researchers have said they are eager to find new ways to reduce the risk of cancer, and they have found that ginger reduces the chances of cancer
one of the researchers in a report published in the journal "Natural Health" of America, Said that the mixing ginger with Chamomile and flower linden gives the drink a stronger and more effective in eliminating headaches and promote relaxation, and I explained the effectiveness of ginger that it lies in its ability to reduce the production vehicles, " prostaglandin " causing pain in the the body, as well as being relaxes nerves and muscles, helps to relax and feel comfortable and ease nervous tension and headache, so he is helping to ease the light pain of headache and but does not affect the severe cases.
The role of Ginger in getting rid of body toxins
Taking a warm bath Ginger is one of the most important ways that are used to reduce muscle pain and the elimination of weakness, it is placed three or four table spoons of powdered ginger root in a small container and filled with water, then boiled, and then leave for 15 minutes. And then filtered the mixture and add to the water bath, which by the lukewarm water, then soak the body in the bath for a period not exceeding 25 minutes, and are advised not to exceed 25 minutes, as recommended to drink water before and after, because Ginger will come out a quantity of fluid from your body loaded with some harmful substances, according to some who have experienced it this way it eliminate common cold, and there are those who try ginger bath for the feet, and stated that it heals the headache.
Ginger relieves the symptoms of pregnancy
Although many doctors describe some sort of anti-histamine with vitamin B-6, to overcome the nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, it was shown that the effectiveness of ginger better than drugs used to treat nausea and vomiting
Before getting out of bed can drink warm ginger with little honey and dry biscuits (tea biscuits), and then wait sufficient minutes before getting out of bed in the morning. Can be dealt with green ginger with meals, or eating ginger powder equivalent to one teaspoon daily, and can be divided to 3 times a day.
Ginger enhances memory
Taken from the powdered ginger as much as 55 grams, and frankincense 50 grams, and Black Cumin 50 grams mixed together and kneaded in a kilo of honey and a teaspoon of it is taken on an empty stomach daily with raisins and pine nuts.

Treatment of headache and migraine
Knead a teaspoon of powdered ginger in a cup of olive oil, and massage place of pain with drinking boiled ginger with mint, and cumin.
Treatment of blood pressure diseases
To adjust the pressure drop or increase drinking of boiling ginger sweets with honey in morning after breakfast, and evening swallow the clove of garlic with a glass of milk.
Treatment of colic caused by diarrhea
Take half a teaspoon of ground ginger, and mix in a cup of boiled cumin, then filtered and drink.
Treatment of insomnia and anxiety
Mix one teaspoon of ginger with a glass of hot milk and then drink the mixture with a massage of the body with olive oil.
Strengthening the body and increase the immune
Taken 50 g powdered ginger and 50 grams crushed seed carrots and 50 grams ground celery seed and 50 grams ground anise and 50 g watercress crushed seed mix well in the kilo of honey, and take a teaspoon after lunch every day

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