Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ginger with cinnamon to burn fat

Most of the research confirmed .. That ginger has been in the list of substances for fat burning, and is one of the most important materials that help and deserved to burn fat formed in the human body, especially when eaten directly after a meal.
Preferably mixed with cinnamon, ginger to give the best results when burning fat after meals and take hold of this mixture will be mixed with the burning of fat that is stored in the body, and thus the body gradually begins to lose weight naturally without complications
Method of ginger syrup with cinnamon
Two tablespoons of ground ginger
Two tablespoons of ground cinnamon
White honey for dessert
Slices of lemon
Dissolved cinnamon in a cup of water and placed on the fire to boil add the ginger and continue to stir and raise the fire
And pour in a cup and sweetened with honey and add to it some lemon slices.

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