Sunday, 8 January 2012

Discover the nature of your skin

Necessary to identify the type of your skin so that we can use the appropriate product.  It is very simple.. Wash the skin with lukewarm water and then dried without rubbing, and leave for an hour and a half and then placed a tissue on the front and another on the cheeks and the third on the chin and then pressing on tissues. If there was an observed touch of oil on all tissues the skin is greasy. If the forehead and chin were all mixed skin.
If the tissue under the skin clean and dry, and if hit redness by any external stimulation the skin is sensitive.
Skin types
Dry skin
The surface layer of the skin is very thin, which leads to dehydration of cells and peeled, and it was cracked quickly in order to narrow pores.
Oily skin
As a result of the large discharge of fatty substances be permanent luster and are usually large pores and under the skin to the appearance of blackheads and acne but they are less prone to wrinkling of the dry skin
Normal skin
Is considered the most beautiful skin types because it is characterized by the presence of minutes pores and vital blood circulation, it is also free of patches or the appearance of black heads

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